My name is James O Driscoll, I am a Professional Photographer from Cork – I’ve have been a photographer since I was 15. I Won the sloga gale Linn all Ireland photography competition at 16 years old, I am available to photograph weddings throughout Ireland.

No two wedding days are the same. But they all have some things in common. The anticipation, the excitement, the activity in the bride’s house that morning, the pride of parents, the joy of families & friends. Every wedding has its own moments of tenderness, of humour, of drama, and most of all, of love.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

James is so very talented in what he does the photos were fantastic but not only is he super talented he also has a way with people & children.

Andrea Browne O Leary

Captures the essence in every photo and then captures it with a shade of color. Amazing eye to capture the moment

John Covey

Brilliant photos showing real emotion.

Vicky Ridgway
Fantastic photos and a fantastic photographer goes up and beyond to capture every special moment.
Maura Wilkinson